"The Collected Works of Frank Bartleman - Seven books in one" by Frank Bartleman. Available on kindle from Amazon

 "Ministry" by J.B. Stoney (13 Volumes). Found at

"The School of Christ" by T. Austin-Sparks

"The Songs of Degrees" by Stephen Kaung

"Hallowed Be Thy Names" by David Wilkerson

Watchman Nee books

Stephen Kaung books

Chip Brogden books

"The Real Faith" by Charles S. Price

"The Meaning of Faith & The Sick are Healed" by Charles S. Price

I highly recommend the following seven books by T. Austin Sparks which can be found at

"The Centrality and Universality of the Cross"

"God's Spiritual House"

"The Battle for Life"

"In Touch With The Throne" 

"The Church's Position and Power in the Heavenlies"

"The Anointing of the Holy Spirit"

"The Centrality and Supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ"

The next two books, both by T. Austin-Sparks, I have put together as I feel they are both necessary for the Christians walk and vision of the one church finally complete at the close of this dispensation of time before the rapture and return of the Lord to reign.

"The Law of the Spirit of Life"  

"Let the House be Builded"